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Food chewed yesterday still sticks on his lips.
Beans, meat, bread,
Something like vomit between his front teeth.
His breath smells like spices
and cigarettes.
His mouth staining
her dishwasher liquid skin.
His mouth, recounting
last night's stains on soapy sheets,
to his rotten food mouthed friends.
Beer, laughter, curse, curse, so much cursing...

Their mouths
our washed up names.


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Broken hearts can't be sealed.

The first time you looked at me your nose blushed and your eyes became even darker.
There is a gentle light in your dark eyes and the way your smile forms shyly when you lay on your back, arm wrapped around me. Your lips barely moving but your face lights up. I'm an achievement unlocked.
The first time you looked at me you undressed me from my insecurities and we started something of a dance. One step forward, one step back. Two steps back.
My love, my love, the way you look at me when we are alone, is not everything.
The world will not let us sleep for longer than we need. My essay won't write itself, my best friend is waiting for me, you never liked each other.
The world will not let us wake up at our own pace. You have to leave before 9am and listen to a lecture on lights and angles that have nothing to do with the sparkle in your eyes.
My love, the way you want me when we are alone is not all of me.
Your friends will laugh with you about last night, they might tell yo…

Silent hearts

You, will always be silent Zemër. Your silence keeps you safe from the world that wants to bite into your skin and drink your blood until you're dry. Your silence, Zemër, I envy so much, yet heavy, it traps you like an armour done wrong.
Zemër, you're a ship that never sails, a plane that never flies, a war that never starts. Zemër, you're the most precious, the most wanted, the most loved and loathed you are and you, you're safer when you're silent.
Zemër, you're safe in your bodysuit of fake giggles and foreign eyes that look down at your legs, because it is easy to conquer eyes like that, it is even easier to let go of eyes like that and you like letting go Zemër.
You thrive in hard work, behind a desk, typing away at words that you say have real meaning to you but you never spare a comma for what really matters Zemër. You never turn down a party Zemër, because you know, my honey, that your silence needs noise and sweat and a mean black lipstick to surviv…

Just add water.

I wrote a book about you, and the grey concrete that gave life to me. The dead cement, the rough surface that scratched my knees and made them bleed. The hot asphalt, glittering at the touch of sunrays that warmed my veins until blood would overflow and pour out of me like some gory scene in a horror movie only, much brighter. It gave life to me.
I wasn't born out of fertile earth or wrapped in sweet greens, I was, very much, a child of mud, sweat and dust. Tirana, this vicious parent with bullets between its teeth and a bleeding tongue.
Tirana this prison of sorts, beautiful, and charming and disturbed. My bipolar hometown, my little slice of hell. How I miss it. It gave life to me and slipped a pen between my fingers and a taboo between my legs and it told me to choose.
I do not think about taboos father, I am too careless, too temperamental for that. I am rough inside like the hot concrete that birthed and raised me.
I stare down, from a window up on the fifth floor of a pre…